Careless Whisper

Yesterday i read a note i wrote on December 2010 about George Michael’s song Careless Whisper. I remembered that when i wrote it, i was sitting in our ‘dining room'(the african version of it) in my pyjamas, it was the last day of the year and i hadn’t even had my breakfast yet. The note was basically about the remix of that song by some black dude with a very sexy voice, and a body to match. I watched the remix video only once, that was in 2010, and i have never forgotten it upto date. I never got the name of the dude, so its been hard trying to track it down (not the point of this blog). I remember the way he closed his eyes and just felt the beat of the instruments around him, and then the way he gripped the mic, it was like he was picturing his woman infront of him. It was simply sensual…..i thought he was gonna get intimate with the mic for a sec. Anyway, when he opened his mouth, i remember i felt hot. And it wasn’t his voice (maybe a little), but it was more of the way he sang those lyrics, deep sexy voice+eyes closed, he sold that song. And the way people danced in that video, my head swayed to their body rythm.
Let me admit, before then, i had no feelings towards the song. To me, it was just one of my mum’s all time favourite that was way too noisy for my taste. But that remix did it for me. For the first time, i actually listened to George Michael, and heard him (Again, not the point of the blog).
But as i listened to George Michael scream away ‘am never gonna dance again’, it occured to me the only reason i liked it, was cos of the remix. If i hadn’t watched that video, i wouldn’t have been sitting there and agreeing with my mum that, that was a really good song. But then again, if there hadn’t been the original ‘Careless Whisper’, the black dude wouldn’t have made the remix….
The point of all that was, our new year resolutions are like the original Careless Whisper. Its good (the song), just like our resolutions when we are writing them. They make sense to us, and they don’t seem so hard to achieve. ‘lose weight’, ‘get a boyfriend/girlfriend’, ‘get laid before the year ends’, ‘pray for arsenal to win a trophy’ etc etc… And usually we are thinking, how hard can it be to ‘lose 10kgs in 12months’, or ‘get one person in 40million people to be with’, or ‘find someone who i like enough to have sex with’…..and each year, we write the same thing over as a ‘new year resolution’ when its in fact the old year resolution on fresh paper.
Instead of the cute black dude writing a song of his own, he borrowed George Michael’s song, changed the video, changed the back-up voices, changed the setting, changed the band and the girl, and the result was electrifying. Better than the original, yes, but it wouldn’t exist without the original.
Now, instead of writing the same old thing on different paper, why not just stick to one paper, and just change the wording? Instead of just writing ‘lose weight’, write ‘eat more fruits and less fat’…instead of noting ‘to stop gossiping’, write ‘ live and let live’…instead of writing ‘get over someone’, write ‘be happy to have loved and lost than to have loved at all’…instead of writing ‘pray for God to help arsenal win a trophy’, write ‘…….(idk, just write something different for a change)…’
Perfect on your old year resolutions and maybe they will be achieved, thats the point. And on that note, my resolutions this year are simple:
>eat breakfast like a queen.
>lunch like a prince.
>have dinner like a beggar.
>be happy to love and don’t expect anything in return.
>appreciate the people that appreciate me and the rest can foot to hell…
How hard can it be to achieve that? I have 12 months to find out.
Happy 2013 people. May all your resolutions be achieved this year.


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