This Moment…

….this moment….read this four days ago and can’t seem to get it out of my head….

Papias World

All I think is you,sitting on a pew,
your cologne still on my sweat,
and the taste of your lips still fresh,how beautiful it feels to think of you..this moment.
Your words,linger in my mind,resting all my fears in your embrace,where so home I felt,and oh!The magic in your soft skin,that set my heart on fire,I hope you never tire…loving me.I Miss you this moment…
What do I,now that you are away,I know no other way,only your picture in my hands,so full of your shine,your eyes that melt my heart,do you think of me,this moment…?
Your breath,that bathed my face,sending sparks down my spine,why does it feel so strong,now that you are away..I crave you,this moment…
To you,who treasures me,and wipes my tears,and always understands me,even when I wander astray..I want you now,I need you…this moment…

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