June….I salute you!

I salute thee…

June is a month that fills me up with joy and sadness at the same time. The month itself marks that we are halfway done with the year and for those who made new year resolutions, and were actually serious about fulfilling them, they should be halfway done by now; and for those of us who have never bothered with the list since it was made five years ago, it’s just another year that’s halfway. There will be other years ahead to fulfill all that’s in the list, God willing, provided that it can be found when that time comes. June is here so the June babies should be readying up for birthdays and to all my friends who were born in this month, happy birthday in advance. As for your presents, this post is for all of you so consider it this years’ present from my heart. It’s either that or a birthday card with a mediocre
message that I won’t even bother to read.

Yes I have friends whose birthdays are distributed all year round and you might be questioning why am concentrating so much on my ‘June friends’? Well, to answer you, am not…OK, I am but it’s not to say I appreciate my other friends less just because I didn’t blog about their birth month. If I could write about them, I would but am not one to dwell so much on the fact that you were born let’s say 20 or so years ago on a certain month. You were born, get over it! What more do you want, a medal! Anyway, this month is kind of special and that entitles it to a special treat; hence the blog!

To start it off on why it’s a special month, my mum is a June baby, and I know I said people should get over the fact that they were born and just move on, but this is my mother. I am here writing this blog because of the sacrifices that she has made for me. And the hardships she has had to go through to ensure that my sister and I have all that we need and want, is enough reason for me to blog about her and her birth month and date if I wish to. For all the time that your voice has elevated my mood, and for the hugs that has made me feel loved and worthy to be in this world, and for the times you have picked up the pieces and made them whole again, knowingly or unknowingly, and for just being the greatest mum to me and my sister, thank you. So, cheers to my mum, for aging gracefully and for getting wiser (I hope). Happy birthday mum!

Another reason why it’s a special month, well, on the 21st of this month, I get to celebrate another remarkable lady who has made my life so much easier and brighter since she waltzed her way into it. She is like wine to me, (or any classy and good booze that you can think of) she gets sweeter with age. I remember the first time we were introduced; and I remember thinking ‘I hope I get the pleasure to call her my friend’. To have her as my best friend, I didn’t even dare imagine that could happen…but it did, and every time am feeling down or up or even sideways, she never lacks something to lift me up or bring me down a notch or straighten me. She doesn’t mince words and I love her all the more for that. So, my second cheer goes out to Libby, for making my life beautiful when the gray shades overwhelm it and for your bravery and strength when mine fails me. Happy birthday!

The third cheer is one that’s really hard to phrase because of a lot of reasons. I will start by saying its why am writing the blog in the first place. It’s all to appreciate a woman I never got the pleasure of meeting; the biggest regret in my life so far. I never met her but when I think of her, I feel like I knew her. Probably because her legacy lives on in her kids, one of whom happens to be Libby, my best friend. I have seen her photos and a little meat on Libby and an inch to her height and she would be an exact copy of her. This is a tribute to a second mum that I never met. What I know about her? I know that she was beautiful, kind, strong, just, funny, never let things get her down, never held a grudge, gave her affection without expecting much in return, a fighter and would have given the world for Libby and her brother. How I know this? I have met her, through Libby. She was a pillar and the pain of losing her could never be put to words but what she left behind tells me everything there was to know about her. I hear her laugh when Libby laughs, and when she is sad, I wish I could give her the one thing that’s not in my power to give, but through the storm she has waded, because an angel is watching out for her. This is why no matter where I am or what I’m doing, the one thing that I’m always sure of is my friend is OK, and if she isn’t, she will be. On the 11th of this month, we celebrate a life well lived and on the 12th of it, we celebrate the birth of someone who will always be on our hearts, if not minds.

We all miss you, mum!

So, cheers to Libby’s mum, for instilling the values that your daughter has and for the strength that Libby and Emmanuel have, for that’s all you. Happy birthday mum
and do continue to watch over us.

So, there you have it, the best and not so best of June. All in all, I thank God for the special people in my life……and especially for the June babies! Happy birthday
to all of you!

…for all the special people in my life!

5 thoughts on “June….I salute you!

  1. Different side to you… I hope you do this in August for Septembrius and during my birth month of course

    1. hehehe August is also my birthday month so i might do something similar, but i haven’t thought that far ahead…as for you, you’ll first have to convince me or its a card for you.

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