Poem: Mother Land

reading this, i felt that no words have ever captured mother earth as well as these words flowed….great piece!


Mama AfricaWhen I sit back and reflect
I reflect back, to finer moments of peace,
Of joy, happiness
And everything in between
Moments of sadness are fleeting,
Tears help distort the images I’m seeing,
Cause the salvation I’m seeking
Leaves me up all night,
Now my memories are sleeping
And my regrets are teething,
Biting my insecurities, karma’s finally eating


Getting chubby as my mind turns ugly
Didn’t wake up, but my subconscious nudged me
Dirty thoughts playing rugby,
Made me stir in my sleep as I remember the lovely,

The heaven – the oasis of perpetual beauty
God’s creation doesn’t bleed monthly,
But she grows tree’s and harnesses oceans,
It can’t really be all about the money
My baby earth, why must we hurt you to make money?
I ask that question not expecting an answer,
Human beings are mother nature’s cancer
Cells built to destroy, and eat the…

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