…..if only i could turn back time!

Am back! I have had what many would term as a good holiday seeing as how for three months, i did nothing but laze around, earn cash for my upkeep in a stress-free job and eat! Yes, i have gained weight which will be shed off in less than three weeks, and no, i do not have any plans of joining a gym. Its the climate change, you could say, all this cold, and no more of mum’s cooking, and classes, and assignments, they are all bound to take their toll on me. And they do take it, faster than i would, perhaps, like but then again, am not much of a complainer. I accept and move on. Which reminds me, ever sat or conversed with someone, for say, two or three hours but afterwards you feel very sad? Not because of what was said or what feelings the said person invoked in you, no. You feel sad because you know you just lost three hours that you will never get again, and for what? So that some guy can talk his heart off? Or because you are a polite person who find it hard to tell someone off with their boring stories? So what do you do? You sit and listen to mindless rumble that does not even concern you.

Unfortunately, i did a lot of that. I wasted so much of my time with people who did not mean much to me and now that am back to my ‘life’, i look back and feel sad. Because all that time i lost i will never get back. And that’s not even the saddest part. The saddest part is that i had the chance to spend my time with people who actually matter and i didn’t. Do i blame my politeness? I could, except, i do not think am that polite. I might not tell you off and all but i simply tune off. So, yes, go ahead and tell me your life history and how you got heart broken at one point or another, and i will sit there and listen to you and think of reasons as to why you will be blocked from my life afterwards. I do not mind people pouring their hearts out to me, on the contrary, it is rather entertaining. But it is not entertaining if it is not my business or if it doesn’t concern me. You want a friend to listen to your woes and give you advice, am your girl. i will not judge you, i will simply tell you the reality that you insist on blocking. You might not like it but that is not my worry! My duty would be to tell you the truth that you refuse to believe! But never again will i sit and listen to someone and later ask myself why on earth i wasted that much time! I refuse to be ‘used’ like that again. I guess its time i learnt the difference between being a good friend and being wasted by ‘friends’. 

Now, the following song MIGHT not have a connection to this post but it has been in my head since i got back to school. Do have a listen and enjoy it. Feeling like am living on borrowed time!

P.S bottom line is, spend time with people who make you happy!


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