The campus experience

The friends…that was the best part of campus for me…the bonds that have been created, the company, the memoirs, and the love and ‘hate ‘ felt…that was the best part of campus!



Have you ever had one of those awesome dreams? Yeah, the kind where you wish you didn’t have to wake up and could just sleep on forever? Well that’s what my life kind of feels like right now. It feels like I am in that place, you know, where my life is all good; no stress, no books and even fewer worries. Please don’t wake me up. I want to experience this dream forever.

This is just about how good it feels when you FINALLY get through university, when you finally say a long overdue farewell to campus, books and most importantly, to exams.

“Fare thee well, you exams. You were a worthy challenge, one that kept me up many nights, gave me numerous headaches, always disappointed, rarely rewarded and an overall pain in the ass. You will not be missed.”


Every graduate-elect

As with every journey and…

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