Wearing Love!

Let me start off by wishing all Muslims around the world an Eid Mubarak. This is the one day I would wish to be at Mombasa. Eid festivities there are out of this world awesome. There are bursts of colour from all corners, the aroma that hung in the air tantalising the senses, people laughing and talking loudly, men in white all over! You don’t get to see that many men in white anywhere else in Kenya! There, you get to understand the meaning of Eid even as a Christian!
Its different at Nairobi. Or maybe am in the wrong neighbourhood! But the only thing people seem to love about Eid here is that its a national holiday! Sad but true!
Knowing how today should be celebrated is the purpose of this post. I have gone all out and worn love. Literary! Everything I have worn today is because somebody somewhere loves me!


The pendant is from one of my bestest friends I have. Miss Victoria, the best part of my life is having you in it!


That’s a bracelet from a Miss Maryanne, it reached me via Vickie!


I was with Libby when these were bought at Toi’s market after hours of looking. Shoe shopping is one of the most frustrating lady things that I do. But am usually with Libby, whose very presence makes me comfortable with being a big foot! She’s the only friend who has the right to be honest with me regarding my feet…her and Vickie!


The pink scarf is courtesy of Phylis Kamatei. I love that girl to bits…bubbly, lively, ass-full (Hehe) that’s how I can describe her!


My girl friend Tilda insisted I buy the silvery glistening top and it was a wise investment. That girl knows her fashion!


The bag is actually borrowed from Vio, she keeps telling me not to take her bags but I really can’t resist! She knows her bags!



The denim shorts and pink earings are solely my mum! I miss you, mum! And that concludes my Eid attire post.


Happy Eid to all!

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