George Musings!

I am not a complicated person. so simple, I could be used to define simple. And yet I find myself in complicated situations. Time and again, I find myself in some parts of town, in the dark and lost, wondering the whole time why good things happen to bad people! But oh well!
I am a simple person. At least I’d like to think so. And this is the story, or rather, my version of how I met George. We met at a time when my loins were on fire twenty four seven! It happens to the best of us…we all should acknowledge that and move on. I was young and ‘unattached’! I wasn’t looking, well, I was looking forward to spending time with my grandmother, but that’s all! He gave me my first big O! Who can forget that!
He had this quirky way of smiling that made me want to bite his lower lip and close my eyes while at it. And when he spoke, you’d know he was talking to you, he voice was just the right volume and soft. Maybe it was the sack business that made me glow when I walked with him, stand an inch taller, and smile a bit wider, or maybe it was the tall, dark and handsome guy walking beside me who was completely besotted with the way my hips scaled the 50-50 to make 100 measure! We were good together…and we looked good together! That was the most charming part! He matched me step by step…inch by inch, and the sex was awesome!
Anyways, like all good things, we came to a sudden end too soon. But somehow, whatever happened between us has been defining us the whole time. But this happened three years ago and although we occasionally hop in the sack for old time sakes, I always feel like we are stuck in a rut! We should either let go or let each other go…but I don’t know why it’s always easy thinking about it that doing it!

P.S this was not to make much sense!

Disclaimer: Some of the things mentioned here are not meant to be taken literary…think figuratively!

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